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    Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength

    Session 1 Lead by Jendayi Harris, LPC

    Are emotions ruling your life? Or sabotaging your relationships? Do you often feel insecure or wonder how you can feel less frustrated or offended? Join this informative workshop to learn the other side of fitness - The Emotional Fitness Workout. Wouldn't it be nice if you had less buttons that could be pushed? Jendayi will share with you her signature "heart" workout to grow into your strongest inner self. This course outlines why we need to work on our soul's best evolution. Using Biblical principles, stories and practical tips, this program will help build you internally from offense, fear, and anger into more connected conversations and loving presence.

    Redeeming Food

    Sessions 1 & 3 Lead by Laura Woodard, RD

    Do you feel overwhelmed by food and all the rules attached to it? Do you feel like you are constantly fighting an uphill battle for your health? Learn how to partner with Jesus in your healing journey. Discover God’s heart for food, and learn how to live in the delicate balance of both wisdom and freedom. Consider this workshop if you'd like to hear ideas from a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist and God's heart our food.

    The Chubby Church:

    A Call to Win the Weight and Eating Battle for Good

    Session 2 Lead by Jendayi Harris

    Have you struggled with your weight for a while? Are you on and off diets? What's been missing? Typically your heart in the matter. The body, soul and spirit work together in the weight equation. And there's factors such our personal soul safety that cause those with weight and eating struggles to feel threatened when we lose weight so we gain it back again. This workshop will help you deal with your "Inner Glutton", tame your "Diet Nut" and ultimately gain a greater sense of how to love yourself into your Whole Self. Jendayi's upcoming book is a groundbreaking book on a holistic approach to weight, eating, food, and body image healing.

    Flourishing in Your Marriage

    Session 3 Lead by Paula Moldenhauer

    Whether you wonder if a flourishing marriage is even possible, or thank God every day for your husband, this workshop will help you step into more hope, joy, and freedom with your husband. It starts with mindset, and you might be surprised how the smallest change produces huge dividends. A seasoned wife of 29 years, Paula will share the practical, hard-earned truths she learned as the Lord walked her and her husband through challenges that often tear couples apart, such as financial crises, child-rearing, and significant health issues. Rediscover (or deepened) an authentic heart for your spouse--and your marriage.

    Care for the Caregiver
    Strategies to Deal with the Drama, Hurt &, Changes

    Session 3 Lead by Nadine Cornish-Roberts

    Are you or someone you love in a caregiving situation that makes you wonder if you will survive the stress of the journey? Are you unsure how to gather your joy, strength and life back since "caregiving" has taken a toll on your well being? Do you long to hear from an expert who knows the journey inside and out, personally and professionally? This workshop will not only provide tools you need but the warm hug of being understood and that someone sees and values you for the tough job you're doing. Finally, a safe place to be heard, and to share and connect on this deep process of finding the honor in the journey while caring for self. Join Nadine Cornish Roberts, Expert/Author of Tears in My Gumbo

    Removing Blocks to the Father's Love

    Sessions 1 & 2 Lead by Suzanne Simpson

    Do you know God loves you in your head, but have trouble believing in in your heart? In this workshop Suzanne Simpson will walk you through healing methods and strategies to increase your feeling of love. God does love you, and it makes a difference if you believe this fully in your heart on your self-worth, growth, and peace.

    How to Break Free of Debt, Pay Off Your Mortgage and Win the Money Game Once and For All!

    Sessions 1 & 2 Lead by Kristin Tucker

    Is your life stressed because of debt weighing you down? Or do you find it difficult to create a budget, follow a budget or feel hope in your finances? Dave Ramsey coach and trainer, Kristin Tucker, helps couples and singles to get it together in the money space. She will educate you on how to get out of debt, pay off your mortgage and win the money game once and for all.

    Savvy Single Motherhood

    Session 2 Lead by Lori Velinder

    Are you tired of falling asleep in your clothes from exhaustion? Are you counting pennies for a gallon of milk? Does your living quarters look like a trash pit instead of a palace? Do you feel you've lost a handle on managing endless responsibilities? Come learn just how much the Holy Spirit can support you. The Lord is our husband and provider and He can change your life into an adventure rather than living in survival mode. We'll share wisdom, insights and hope, all to help you become a "Savvy Single Mom"!

    Wise Women Aging with Vitality

    Sessions 1 & 3 Connie Pshigoda

    Have you struggled with taking great care of yourself as you age? Do you feel you're losing the hormonal battle? In this workshop you'll hear from Connie Pshigoda and her Wise Woman's Almanac resource guide on how eating through the seasons heals the body, soul and spirit. You'll learn some tips to undo years of toxicity in your body and be encouraged to take charge of your health.

    How to Move from Unhappily to Happily Employed

    Sessions 1 & 2 Lead by Jay Velinder

    Have you felt pretty moody on Monday mornings? Do you waste time at work on email or checking Facebook? Do you get your job done, and rush out of the office as soon as the clock hits 5 pm? In this workshop Jay Velinder will share with you secrets of turning any unhappily employed situation around. With several testimonials from his popular course taught at BridgeWay Church - Unhappily Employed - you'll get tips to take with you the following Monday.

    Fit for Kingdom Business

    Session 3 Lead by Victoria Munro & Megan Prentice

    Has God put it on your heart to start a business but you're scared? Or do you own a business and want to learn how to operate it more from the Holy Spirit vs the world's methods? Owner of Revive Fit, Megan Prentice, will share her heart on how to persevere in Body Soul and Spirit for the establishment and growth of your Kingdom Business. And Victoria Munro, serial entrepreneur and author of a small business workbook and several bible studies will support you to persevere and impart Faith to move forward into your Kingdom Business. For new and seasoned business owners. Be encouraged to succeed.

    How to Meet People and Date

    Sessions 2 Lead by Sarah Hepting

    Do you wonder how you could meet someone? Do you take dating super seriously, like every guy you meet you're wondering if he's your husband on the first date? Do you feel late in marriage? Or are you single again after divorce and having trouble with finding someone. This workshop will support you in the mission of creating a live you love - and that you feel loved in! That wonderful feeling of life - living - is what helps us attract our best spouse. Join Sara Hepting in this fun interactive discussion.

    The Mother Daughter Relationship
    A Testimony and Discussion

    All - Jendayi Harris & Speakers Panel

    Mother and daughter relationship can have a lot of pressures. They're not always the kind see on television. Many adult women have struggled in this crucial relationship to well-being. If you have questions around this relationship, or need some nurturing - encouragement or ideas - this time will be an event we can all share in. You'll hear from several of the speakers on tough relationships and how they turned those tough relationships around with their own daughters.

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