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    in Life, Love & Him

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    Single Women of Faith


  • A Letter to Single Women of Faith

    Dear Single Woman of Faith,


    Are you really ready to be in a long term successful relationship?

    Do you have what it takes to be single, that is - whole, individual, and complete- on your own?


    The USA divorce rate is 50%, and it's no different in the church. Much of dismal marriage success rates are due to poor ability to discern and select a mate. Not surprising, because most people don't have the ability to discern and select their own self!


    See, before we can be successful in relationship with any one, we want to have a great relationship not only with God, but also with your self.


    Your relationship with your self - reflects the amount of love, support, care and such that you can offer to someone else. If you don't know you very well, you may be operating in lies. Lies about yourself affect who you attract, how you attract and your marital destiny.


    If you're widowed, divorced, never married, in a relationship, or engaged - you won't want to miss this conference. You'll receive wisdom, tools, and support in the journey, not just to attract someone for marriage, but to be more attractive for a lasting marriage and/or personal ministry success!


    When you understand how to live your best destiny - right now - and stop waiting for someone else to come along in order for you to BE happy - you're successfully single.


    And when you're in fellowship with other women and men of Faith - you'll be even more successfully single!


    If you're already successfully single - there's still discernment and wisdom needed to BE and attract God's best.


    We, as women of faith, always could use more knowledge in the area of men, dating, and life management in order to thrive.


    So, join us - It's time to take back your marital destiny, and be determined to have God's best for in all areas of your life!


    Register today!

  • Our Speakers

    These Successfully Single & Married Speakers Are Sure to Leave You Inspired!

    Host: Sarah Hepting

    Lover of God, Singles and Marketplace Ministry - Mathematics Tutoring Business Owner - Emcee and Speaking on How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

    Sarah got the vision and prompting of the Holy Spirit to host this conference. Sarah was touched in her own journey in love, from Dr Henry Cloud who wrote the book "How to Find a Date Worth Keeping." She was flabbergasted by how much she needed to get a life as a Single Women of Faith and looks forward to sharing with you how to get through the lulls of singleness and get excited about your future. Sarah will function as both an Emcee and a Co-host at the event. She and her husband Jim enjoy ministering to Singles inside and outside the walls of the church.

    Co-Host/Speaker: Jendayi Harris, LPC

    Soul Freedom Minister & Emotional Fitness Trainer - Speaking on Living Loved.

    Jendayi Harris, also known as J, is a speaker and minister for Whole, Free, and Effective Christians. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Fortune 500 Productivity Consultant and upcoming author of several books including: The Chubby Church: A Call to Win the Weight and Eating Battle For Good, The Emotional Fitness Workout, Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength, Testimony to the Fatherless, How to Not Suck as a Mom: An 8 Step Action Guide to Win Back the Heart of Your Adult Child and Find Your Joy, and Smart, Sanctified, Successful, Sexy, Savvy, Singles with Skillz, to be released over the next few years.


    She believes successfully single, requires learning how to BE, flow and walk in love - and then you'll attract love more easily to you. Jendayi loves speaking and has mentored several single women in their journey to a healthy marriage. One just got engaged! Her goal is to equip believers with psychological wisdom, especially when it comes to soul healing, personal growth and discerning your divine right spouse. She looks forward to sharing with you in a connected conversation of her experiences and wisdom for the journey. You can learn more about Jendayi and read her blogs at www.nextleveltherapyllc.com.

    Val-U-Able Clarity Coaching

    Listener, Speaker, Mentor, Motivator, Minister, Writer, Empathizer, Encourager, Coach

    Val is a lifelong lover of Jesus Christ, serving in varied facets of ministry, including: children, youth, singles, marriage, divorce, elderly, women, counseling, and prison.
    Upon graduating with a college degree in the legal field, she advanced into a full-fledged career as a professional and small business owner, as well as college instructor.
    In addition to serving several years on a municipal leadership board of directors, her volunteer activities span the gamut from law enforcement and civic government to homeless youth, women's shelters, and prison outreach.
    Most importantly, she's a child of The Most High God and ever-evolving Bride of Christ who has learned to not merely survive, but THRIVE!
    Having experienced a succession of "insurmountable" odds, she made a series of choices guiding her to a position of clarity - not only for herself, but also those whom she inspires.
    Val has basked in the Presence of God and aligned her heart with His.
    Her goal is to "BE who you needed when you were younger" while sharing an uplifting, life-altering, all-empowering message of Love, joy, peace, fulfillment, gratitude, and HOPE!

    Special Couples Panel

    A Panel of Married Couples

    We'll have fun dialogue in an interview style with the single to married journey of a few couples. They will share their testimonies and how God brought them together!


    Keynote: Barbra Russell, LPC

    Counseling Ministry Leader from The Potter's House Denver - Speaking on YES! I said NO! How to Live Loved with Better Boundaries

    Barbra is author of - Yes! I Said No! – How To Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Self Esteem. She will speak on How to Live Loved with Better Boundaries. Her talk will help you regain your passion, sense of commitment to your personal goals and excitement for receiving God's best. Barbra Russell holds a Master’s Degree and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice specializing in Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy. Her mission is to Encourage, motivate, challenge and inspire others to spiritual growth and emotional health.


    She established a counseling division at a large church. Professionally, she supervises Master’s Level counseling students from various universities in the area. She teaches a variety of training classes and oversees several support groups while continuing her own psychotherapy practice. She is also in demand as a keynote speaker, addressing such topics as: How Do I Forgive? Ministry and Marriage, Highly Effective Leadership, Three Steps to Setting Boundaries, Stress Management In A Crazy World, Finding Acceptance In Each Season of Life .


    Barbra regularly publishes a blog: Barb's Stories From the Couch which can be found on her web site. www.barbararussell.com

  • Reasons to Attend

    We're Believing for Serious Benefits!


    Get Empowered!

    Have you felt defeated by the WAIT or upset about previous relationship choices?


    Are you seeking to understand why is the WAIT so long, and WHY do you make the same mistakes?


    Do you feel "unsuccessfully" single and longing for more love in your life?


    Get Empowered!


    Get Connected!

    Do you at times feel isolated?


    Like you're home with just romantic chic flicks and your bowl of ice cream, wishing for more closeness?


    Is your only time to connect with your friends on Facebook or social media?


    Do you feel bored with life?

    Get Connected!


    Enjoy Lunch!

    Are you hungry? Smiles


    Do you enjoy a nice meal and fellowship?


    We'll have a delicious Mexican meal with options for Gluten Free e as well as beverages and light snacks.



    Get Lunch!


    Get Insight!

    Are you struggling to hear God for your love life?


    Are you enjoying your time with God as the Lover of your Soul?


    Do you long to abide in the Father's love more?


    Is your prayer life minimal?


    Get Insight!

  • Come Alone or With Friends

    $27.00 Per Person | Includes Boxed Lunch

  • I'm married, but this sounds interesting, can I come or is it only for singles?

    All are welcome! Married women may especially benefit from a conference like this because many get married before they've figured out who they are as a woman. Married women are highly encouraged to come and offer wisdom and support, as well as gain insights for being more happily married.

    I'm not ready to get married, is this only about getting married?

    Good question, and absolutely not. It's about being successfully single, which means you may or may not want to attract a life partner. That's your choice, the conference will address multiple relationship states and desires. You always have God as your partner! That's the blessing of being Christian Single.

    I'm male and single, am I welcome?

    As long as your motive is pure, meaning you're not only trying to find a woman, feel free to attend.

    I'm divorced, should I come?

    Absolutely! Divorced still means - unmarried, or single! And chances are you'll get insight to prevent divorce next time around.

    How much is the conference?

    Cost is $27.00 per person, the lowest we could get it to cover expenses. Several of our helpers and speakers are volunteering their time.

    I'm older, and single, should I come?

    All ages are welcome! Yes, come! The speakers are diverse for all ages and we'll address several questions of the Single Christian community at large.

    Will lunch be included?

    Yes, we'll order boxed lunches that you will pick from on the day of the conference at - you guessed it - lunch time!

    Where is the conference located?

    BridgeWay Church

    5201 E Warren St

    Denver, CO

    What time is the conference?

    We'll open doors at 9:30 am and wrap up at 4 pm. Remember our agenda is always subject to the Holy Spirit, so you can leave empowered!

    What should I wear?

    Colorado casual and comfortable, or sparkles, bling, and whatever else. Have fun with your wardrobe. The Holy Spirit is an excellent stylist!

    Do you have to attend BridgeWay Church to attend?

    This conference is open to any woman of any faith from any church or denomination. It will be geared toward Kingdom Minded Christians.

    Will you have coffee in the morning?

    We plan to have coffee, hot tea and other morning delights for your convenience.

  • Conference Agenda

    February 3, 2018 | 10:00 am to 4 pm | Registration Required

    Keep open - the Agenda is subject to the Holy Spirit as well as slight changes until event day.

    10:00 - 10:45 am

    Conference Host. Sarah Hepting, will kick us off with tips from Dr. Henry Cloud's book - "How to Get A Date Worth Keeping!"

    10:45 - 11:00 am

    Connected Conversation

    11:00 - 11:45 am

    Val-U-Able Clarity Coach will AMAZE you stories on Dates with God

    11:45 - 12:00 pm

    Connected Discussion

    12:00 - 1:00 pm

    Enjoy Connected Table Conversation & Delicious Boxed Lunch from Corner Cafe

    1:00 - 1:45 pm

    Keynote: Barbara Russell, LPC, Author of YES! I said No, will discuss Becoming Your Best

    1:45 - 2:00 pm

    Connection Discussion: Speaker Q & A

    2:00 - 2:40 pm

    Married Couples Interview to Learn about Their Process of Waiting & Receiving God's Best

    2:40 - 2:50 pm

    Connected Discussion Tea Break

    2:50 - 3:45 pm

    Jendayi Harris, Living Love, Keys to Receiving God's Best in Love and Life

    3:45 - 4:00 pm

    Prophetic and Blessing Prayers - Leave Empowered, Connected and Extra Loved!

    4:00 - 5:00 pm

    Prophetic and Blessing Prayers - Leave Empowered, Connected and Extra Loved!