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    BridgeWay Church

    5201 E Warren Ave

    Denver, CO 80222

    Dear Woman of Faith,

    This conference was put into my spirit about thirteen years ago. I had a lot of growing, healing, and maturing to do between then and now. Wow. The time is now for women across the body of Christ to UNITE for His Kingdom purposes. The Spirit wants to work through women like never before.

    Our conference mission is to equip your mission - be it at home, in ministry, in the workplace, in finances, in health or in business!


    Are you:

    - Curious about how to step out of hiding and into your Whole & Free Self?

    - Struggling to figure out answers to some of your life problems?

    - Wanting to bust through fear to start or move your ministry forward?

    - Needing a break through in your household or with close family members?

    - Desiring to understand more on your direction, purpose, or the situation you're facing right now?

    - Wanting practical soul-utions - for a whole and free life in Christ?

    - Wanting some YOU time for new friends and fellowship?


    With powerful keynoters, personal prayer ministry, time for socializing, and 12 inspirational workshops in areas of life you're interested in, this time together is sure to please! We are holding for each woman to get exactly what she needs, no matter what staged in the wholeness journey she is in!


    This is for women of all ages on the journey to being Whole & Free in our Lord Jesus Christ. Come for support and training in the roles and responsibilities of life and connect in an authentic environment. All churches are encouraged and welcome to participate.

    We have a lot on our plates, don't we? Expect tools and encouragement to manage it well.


    Women are powerful, - yet we carry so much - worry - doubt -fear and stress. As we come together, we’re validated in our true identity in Christ. We're affirmed we're beautiful, influential, compassionate daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD.

    Woman are the last thing created on the masterpiece of God's created Earth. (Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge). Yes, we’re the final touch on the masterpiece! Yes, this is about you! You're fearfully and wonderfully made!


    Jesus elevated the status women. He allowed women to follow His ministry, He cared and healed many women, and when times were oppressed against women preaching or teaching, He ordained it so that women would be the first to know that HE HAS RISEN and to notify others. Yes, women first preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    To be clear - Whole and Free Women are all about encouraging, honoring, and respecting MEN too.

    Let's get together and work to become a greater expression of God's love, joy and wisdom. Let's be encouraged in our femininity and the strength it carries. Remember that God made "them" in His image. A man and woman represent the whole nature of God as a force for Good. We want to value what God is doing through women in these perilous times.

    Do you want to reach more of your potential - to be more Whole and Free in Christ?

    Join us. It's my heart to provide you with a fun, informative and empowering weekend in God's presence and wisdom.

    He spoke to me to "Unify my women for Greater Good." And in this act of obedience, I'm scared and excited! But He's with us!

    You are loved. You are important. You matter.
    And we hope you can make this first-time event!


    Much love,

    Jendayi Harris, Your Host

    The Whole and Free Women Team

  • Our Hosts & Keynote Speakers

    Expect a life changing encouragement!

    Host/Speaker: Jendayi Harris, LPC

    Soul Freedom Minister & Emotional Fitness Trainer, Author of Upcoming Book The Chubby Church

    Jendayi Harris, also known as J, is a speaker and minister for Whole, Free, and Effective Christians. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Fortune 500 Productivity Consultant and upcoming author of several books including: The Chubby Church: A Call to Win the Weight and Eating Battle For Good, The Emotional Fitness Workout, Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength, Testimony to the Fatherless, and How to Not Suck as a Mom: An 8 Step Action Guide to Win Back the Heart of Your Adult Child and Find Your Joy.


    Her goal is to equip believers with psychological wisdom, especially when it comes to soul healing, personal growth and discerning your next right move. She looks forward to sharing with you in a connected conversation of her experiences and wisdom for the journey. You can learn more about Jendayi and read her blogs at www.nextleveltherapyllc.com.


    Jendayi will speak on:

    Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength

    The Chubby Church: A Call to End the Weight and Eating Battle for Good

    The Mother and Daughter Relationship - Discussion

    Co-Host: Sarah Hepting

    Lover of God, Singles and Marketplace Ministry - Mathematics Tutoring Business Owner

    Sarah is a visionary and loves to nuture single woman whenever she can. She used to have a "bad picker" with men, and wants to help as many women to get their "picker right". In her own single journey, the Holy Spirit spoke to her to, "Get a Life!". Shocked, she started developing a life instead of wishing and hoping for a husband to fill her loneliness.


    Sarah studies Dr Henry Cloud's book "How to Find a Date Worth Keeping." She is now married to her dear husband Jim Hepting, who also carries our ministry in his heart and is a spiritual father to many.


    Sarah was flabbergasted by how much she needed to get a life as a Single Women of Faith and looks forward to sharing with you how to get through the lulls of singleness and get excited about your future in her workshop.


    She is also a savvy business owner of Math Nuts, she helps kids of all ages get better results on their math scores.


    Sarah will function as both an Emcee and a Co-host at the event. She and her husband enjoy ministering to Singles inside and outside the walls of the church.


    Sarah will speak on:

    How to Get a Life & Find a Date - Singles

    Keynote: Beatrice Bruno - Friday

    The Drill Sergeant of Life, Author, Writing Coach, Editor and Ordained Minister - In Summary - AWESOMENESS!

    Beatrice is an Army veteran and former (but always and forever) Drill Sergeant. An ordained gospel minister and life and writing coach, Beatrice loves showing folks how to get over themselves and let go of the PAST. Having trained over 2000 Basic Training soldiers through Army Basic Training to graduation, she has seen characters who run the gamut from straight-arrow to cone-head!

    Soldier/Singer, Drill Sergeant, Minister, Beautician, School Bus and Truck Driver, Beatrice has run the gamut of career fields before finally settling into Author, Minister/Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

    Married for 27 years to John, Beatrice has raised four children - his, hers, and theirs - to adulthood.

    Beatrice is the founder and leader of POWWOW (Prophetic, On-Watch Women of Worship/War) Prayer and Conferences and hosts Christian Women’s Conferences around the world.

    Beatrice is heavily invested and involved with relief efforts for flood victims in Louisiana and Texas. Working tirelessly with Cenece Dixon Ministries, Beatrice has made multiple trips to these areas at her own expense as well as financially sponsored families to help them get back on their feet. Beatrice gives back because…it could have been my family.

    Beatrice also mentors youth. Coming from a background of sexual and verbal abuse, neglect, and rejection, Beatrice operates as The Drill Sergeant of Life to go back and get those who might be left behind. Beatrice says, “What if I had
    had a “Me” when I was growing up?”

    Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, leaves no soldiers behind…no matter what branch!


    Beatrice will speak on:

    How to Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Way and Get What You Want Out of Life

    Keynote: Paula Moldenhauer - Friday

    Author, Speaker, Wife, Mother and Lover of Jesus

    Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer encourages others to live free to flourish. She shares this message when speaking at women’s events, and it permeates her written work.

    Paula has published over 300 times in non-fiction markets and has a devotional book series, Soul Scents. Her first published novella, You’re a Charmer Mr. Grinch, was a finalist in the ACFW Carol Awards, and she now has six published works of fiction.

    Her most recent publication, At Home with Daffodils, is included in Barbour’s A Bouquet of Brides. Paula and her husband, Jerry, are adjusting to a sometimes-empty nest in Colorado. They treasure time with their growing family of adult children, spouses, and spouses-to-be. Paula loves peppermint ice cream, going barefoot, and adventuring with friends. Visit her at www.paulamoldenhauer.com


    Paula will speak on:

    Free to Flourish

    Flourishing in Your Marriage


    Keynote: Barbra Russell, LPC - Saturday

    Counseling Ministry Leader from The Potter's House Denver, Wife, Mother, LPC, Author

    Barbra is author of - Yes! I Said No! – How To Set Healthy Boundaries and Increase Self Esteem. She will speak on HIS BRAIN, HER BRAIN. Her talk will help you understand why and how men and women are wired differently. In this fun session, you'll be able to get tips for dealing with the male brain - at home, work and ministry!


    Barbra Russell holds a Master’s Degree and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice specializing in Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy. Her mission is to Encourage, motivate, challenge and inspire others to spiritual growth and emotional health.


    She established a counseling division at a large church. Professionally, she supervises Master’s Level counseling students from various universities in the area. She teaches a variety of training classes and oversees several support groups while continuing her own psychotherapy practice. She is also in demand as a keynote speaker, addressing such topics as: How Do I Forgive? Ministry and Marriage, Highly Effective Leadership, Three Steps to Setting Boundaries, Stress Management In A Crazy World, Finding Acceptance In Each Season of Life .


    Barbra regularly publishes a blog: Barb's Stories From the Couch which can be found on her web site. www.barbrarussell.com


    Barbra will speak on:

    His Brain, Her Brain

    Keynote: Sparkle Robinson - Saturday

    Ordained Prophetess, Mother, Wife and and Women's Ministry Leader, Host of My Girlfriend's Living Room

    Her name MEANS: To shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; to glitter. Sparkle is not only her first name, but it accurately describes her personality.


    Sparkle Robinson is passionate about helping others reach their Destiny and operate in their gifts. She is a previous Radio Operations Manager and Morning Host. While working in radio she wrote, voiced and produced audio. Sparkle also discovered that she had a strong calling on her life to evangelize God's word through radio, print and community events.


    On February 23rd, 2003, Sparkle started Sparkle Robinson Ministries, a ministry that encouraged men, women & youth to operate in their gifts and to "Go for their God given Destiny!" Sparkle's purpose is clear to her; she majored in Speech Communications (concentration TV & radio) and minored in Marketing. Sparkle no longer operates this ministry community wide. However, the same passion still lives in her.

    As of February 2010, Sparkle started a business called Destiny Connections, Inc. A Christian-based Consulting, Marketing & Event Planning Company. Destiny Connections slogan is “Connecting YOU to your Destiny is OUR Business!

    Sparkle Robinson is a powerful, transformational public Speaker who is sought out for Womens’ gatherings, conferences and more. She is passionate about ministering to women and young girls about their worth, their destiny and their calling. She preaches with power and imparts strength by providing tools and insight about how to accomplish what God has called others to do. Although she operates heavy in the prophetic, she has a heart for evangelism, she believes that everyone should have a chance to receive Christ and accept His unconditional Love.

    On the personal side-Sparkle Robinson has been married for 15 years and together they have 2 beautiful children. Previously, Sparkle has written a monthly article in the Body of Christ Newspaper titled “Mom-Me –Moments; capturing precious moments as a mother. Sparkle not only encourages others but she also focuses on “Going for HER God given Destiny!


    Sparkle will speak on:

    The Heart of a Mother



  • Saturday Workshop Speakers

    These Whole & Free speakers will inspire and empower you!

    Note: Sarah Hepting & Jendayi Harris Bios are in Hosts & Keynote Speaker Section

    Nadine Roberts-Cornish,CSA

    Certified Senior Advisor, Gerontologist, Coach, Consultant, Author

    Nadine R. Cornish is a Certified Senior Advisor, Gerontologist, Consultant, Author and an Impactful and Engaging Speaker.


    Passionate about all things related to caregiving, Nadine has published her inaugural book, Tears in My Gumbo…The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience. Nadine shares her personal journey as caregiver and the enchanting stories, lessons learned and shared with the many caregivers she’s served as consultant and coach. Her book and it's curriculum is now being used by University Nursing, Gerontology and Social Work Programs. She conducts Caregiving Symposiums for churches, and lunch and learn series for businesses with a keen sense of responsibility around igniting a conversation that must be had because sooner or later, we are all caregivers.

    Nadine's speaking style is warm, passionate and engaging. She handles difficult topics skillfully with an infusion of humor and examples of practical application. As we all brace for the Silver Tsunami and the demands of caregiving, Nadine is the breath of fresh air and inspiration needed to help us all, weather the storm.


    Nadine will speak on:


    Care for the Caregiver:
    Strategies to Deal with the Drama, Hurt, and Changes


    Laura Woodard, RD

    Soon to be Author, Wife, Speaker, Registered (anointed) Dietician! *Joining us from Bethel/Redding, CA

    Laura is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified L.E.A.P. therapist, former personal trainer, and lover of Jesus. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics and Institutional Administration, and completed her dietetic internship at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.


    Laura has spent her career working alongside highly regarded physicians, including immunologists, internists, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, gastroenterologists, and family practice physicians. She has worked with hundreds of patients, young and old, with various different health statuses, conditions, symptoms and diseases. As a Certified L.E.A.P. Therapist, she is highly trained in food sensitivity testing, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and gut health, utilizing a functional medicine approach in her practice.


    5 years ago, Laura began asking God what He had to say about all the food restrictions and dietary protocols; she felt sure there must be a better way. So began a journey with Jesus where He has peeled away all the rules and protocols to unveil His heart for freedom in the midst of the overwhelming natural health industry we know today. The message is simple: food is God’s kindness to us, and all health is sustained in Him.


    Today, Laura’s mission is to teach people how to partner with Jesus for their health, to learn how to abide in the precarious balance of both wisdom and freedom.


    Laura will speak on:

    Redeeming Food

    Suzanne Simpson, LPC

    Author, Speaker, Wife, Licensed Professional Counselor

    Suzanne B. Simpson, owner of Renewed Life Counseling is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach, Speaker, and Author who has recently published the book: Lost & Restored: The Father’s Love That Heals Hearts.


    She is passionate about helping people find wholeness of mind, body, and spirit through her expertise in various Christ-centered releasing methods. She draws from over 30 years of experience and expertise having worked with multitudes of people that found transformation through her intuitive guidance. In addition, she has written a workbook titled Winning the Inner Game: Moving from Defeat to Victory God’s Way and an Ebook Eight Strategies to Stop Self-Sabotage.


    Suzanne will speak on:

    Removing Blocks to the Father's Love



    Kristin Tucker, Financial Coach

    Financial Coach, Wife, Mother, Mentor

    Working with others to create a healthy, workable plan that moves you from chaos to clarity is at the center of Kristin’s work. Formally educated as a Family and Consumer Scientist as well as being educated through family life experiences, Kristin understands what it takes to make a home ‘work’.

    Personal finances touch and weave their way into everything we do. From making housing decisions to vacations to parenting, with the help of God’s Holy Word, Kristin helps others navigate the process for today as well as for the future to make your family and home work.


    Kristin will speak on:

    How to Get out of Debt, Pay off your Mortgage and Win with Money Once and for All

    Megan Prentice

    Kingdom Business Owner of Revive Fit, Wife and Encourager

    Megan has a true passion for community. She believes that fitness is the perfect setting for individuals to come together and encourage one another toward greatness.


    Beginning at an early age with soccer, dance, and running, Megan has always had a love for sports and fitness. She graduated from Colorado University - Boulder with a degree in Business Management and has since spent her time int he for profit and non profit sectors, including launching and managing franchises in the US and overseas. After a God-given, God-driven path that led her on several trips to east Africa, she stumbled upon her true "calling" for business with a mission. She ran "full stream ahead" and was certified by one of the best barre studios in Denver and launched Revive Fit Studio in January of 2016. Her heart for dance, fitness, unity and giving back all merged into the "Revive Fit Experience".


    Megan's favorite thing is to encourage others in Christ. She encourages, "We don't have to wait until heaven to experience true life. Heaven on earth can happen right there, right now...through holistic wellness of body, soul and spirit. Don't wait. Come and see."


    Megan is teaching on:

    Fit for Kingdom Business

    Connie Pshigoda

    Author, Speaker, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Nutritional Health Consultant and Wellness Coach

    The phrase “living well” will take on a whole new meaning once you hear Connie’s teaching. Her passion for optimum health and her love for her Creator and His Creation, have brought her to this season of her life.
    Connie’s lively and informative approach takes you on a journey through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Her farming experience lends wit, practicality and wisdom as she guides you through planting, nourishing and reaping abundant health in your body’s inner garden.
    Founder of Wellness For All Seasons and award-winning author, Connie brings her passion for nature’s nourishment “to the table” in her writings, coaching and presentations. Her 40+ year education and career journey in holistic health has convinced her that the time tested truths of choosing from nature’s pantry, rather than the manufactured man-made foods, promises a life of exceptional health and vitality!
    Her total wellness approach draws on the wisdom of nature’s seasons to improve overall health and well-being using the healing properties and preventive nutrition of nature’s plant foods.

    Using this wisdom, Connie shows you how to manage your menus with a seasonal flavor and flair. She guides her readers and clients through a wellness process of rebuilding, restoring, renewing so that they may reap the rewards of a vibrant life––in every season.
    Her blog, Garden Gatherings, is rich with seasonal advice and delicious recipes. Growing up on a farm provided the foundation that seeded and fertilized her wellness career.
    She now enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado with her husband, two daughters and their families.
    Connie will speak on:
    Wise Women Aging with Vitality

    Jay and Lori Velinder

    Husband, Business Guy, Father | Artist, Wife, Mother - Former Savvy Single Mom

    Jay Velinder has over thirty-five years of experience working with local, regional, and national staffing and executive search organizations. He has led national accounts development, sales and operations teams, and held senior and executive management positions.


    As President of Lakeshore Staffing Group, he was responsible for opening start-up operations in Denver, Phoenix, and Dallas. His primary interests were in client development, creating vision, leadership, and being the chief differentiation officer. Prior to his experience in the staffing industry, Jay worked in Food Services, Oil & Gas Training/Development, and Energy Management industries serving in business development, sales training, and management roles.


    He has also served in non-profit leadership roles as a Board of Directors member for both the Denver Better Business Bureau and Denver Scores, an after school literacy program for at risk inner city children. He was involved with the Houston Post's "Keep Houston Working" campaign and has worked in conjunction with numerous non-profit employment workshops over the years.


    His Christian walk changed dramatically after a divorce in 2007. Time spent as a volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission as a listener helped him find Jesus and a request to a spiritual friend about helping Jay learn about the Holy Spirit sent his life into a new direction.


    The call came in clearly from Holy Spirit to help unemployed and unhappily employed people. As a result, the class “BridgeWay To Work!” started in 2016 and Jay has been involved with a ministry at Jubilee Fellowship called FiredUp for unemployed men. He has been blessed with celebrating seven years of a new marriage to his earthly partner, Lori.


    He attended Texas A&M University and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.


    Lori Velinder has spent the past 30 years working in the commercial insurance business. Her travels have taken her from Boston to Los Angeles and then Denver where the small local agency that she joined, later became an international conglomerate. Over a period of time she earned several designations and was among five employees to receive a global award for customer service in 2016.

    Her spiritual walk began at age four when she received Jesus as her Savior. Her heart’s desire was to hear God’s voice. In college, she encountered Jesus sitting her on her bed, telling her He loved her and would always be with her. However, after the birth of two children, in 1997 she experienced a life altering divorce, due to an unfaithful husband.


    Now faced with being the only breadwinner for two small children, and recovering from the wounds of betrayal and codependency, she found God’s love through counseling and becoming a minister to divorced women at the Living River Ministry. Her spiritual walk was further developed by joining the Led By The Spirit Prophetic school and then ministry at Jubilee Fellowship. Now, with her husband, she co-leads the employment ministry called BridgeWay to Work.


    She is a Denver native and attended college in Chicago earning a BA degree in Psychology and Business.

    Lori will speak on:
    Savvy Single Motherhood
    Jay will speak on:
    How to Move from Unhappily Employed to Happily Employed

    Victoria Munro

    Teacher of the Word of God, Lover of Mentoring , Provides Honey for Your Soul

    Nothing gives Victoria more joy than to see people walk in the freedom God has called them to experience! She’s dedicated her life to helping people achieve this. Working with individuals helping them become free to know and believe who they truly, are and how God sees them is her passion.

    Victoria served for over twelve years as a staff member of The Navigators, an international, interdenominational Christian ministry, in England, the Middle East and America. During that time, her love for and knowledge of the Scriptures grew immensely.

    Disciple making also became a central part of her life. Along with her husband Ian, she also taught small group facilitation skills, which she’s shared in seminars and many situations since. While serving in the Middle East, Victoria unexpectedly lost her husband due to a health issue.

    When she returned to the United States two years later as a widow with two small children, she wrote free-lance articles for Christian publications. She’s spent time since in a variety of business fields, and have started and grown several companies. She’s been through divorce, faced a serious and debilitating health issue, run women’s ministries, and have authored several books. All this hasn't been easy, but God has used it in her life in many ways. These experiences have served her well to help others overcome their challenges and live their dreams!

    Recently, she’s written and designed a new series of book and topical Bible studies. These are in-depth, application-oriented studies with additional background commentary. They’ve been well tested, and each one has a group facilitator manual that includes small group leaders’ questions as well as creative, practical suggestions for facilitating each study.

    Victoria is committed to inspire and encourage people to find, follow and fulfill their divine destinies! There is little in life she finds more rewarding than to see someone blossom into the person God designed and destined them to be as they study, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform them through His amazing Word. This is truly my passion!”


    Victoria will speak on:

    Fit for Kingdom Business

  • What's on your heart?
    We'll have personal ministry for you:

    Dream Interpretation

    Prophetic Ministry or

    Prayer Rooms


    An email will be sent to attendees closer to event for selections.

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    This conference will change your life!


    Get Empowered!

    Does the idea of being and becoming a divine expression of God's love, joy, wisdom, peace, and truth excite you?


    Do you desire support for your ministry and next level of growth?
    We'll have dynamic keynotes and discussions that will impact you for the rest of your life!
    If you have a heart to grow more with God and connect in a powerful way, then don't delay register now!



    Get Connected!

    Do you want an atmosphere to foster more Godly friendships?


    Do you want a space and place to connect and share what's really on your heart?


    Is your only time to connect with your friends on Facebook or social media?


    Get excited about your life and meet new people!


    Enjoy Lunch!

    Are you hungry for more of Jesus and food?


    Do you enjoy a nice meal and fellowship?


    We'll have a delicious Colorado style - Mexican meal with options for Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian as well as beverages and light snacks. Saturday morning we'll also have light delights - and coffee of course!



    Get Insight!

    Are you seeking more wisdom around your marriage, money, health, heart or emotions?


    Do you have a kingdom business you're scared to start or want to grow?


    Do you struggle with body image, weight, food and nutrition?


    Do you long to get out of debt and take control or your money? Or get a better job?
    See Workshop Topics tab.

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    Beverages, Delights & Wonderful Fellowship!

  • Friday Conference Agenda

    Friday, September 29th, 2018 | 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Registration Required

    Doors open at 5:30 pm - Keep open the agenda is subject to the Holy Spirit as well as slight changes until event day. [ 2020 dates coming soon.]

    6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    Worship by BridgeWay Music led by Pastor Simon Obert

    Conference Kick Off - Jendayi Harris & Sarah Hepting

    6:30 - 7:30 pm

    Beatrice Bruno - The Drill Sargent of Life
    How to Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way and Get What You Want Out of Life

    7:30 pm - 7:45 pm

    Introduction of Saturday Speakers & Workshops

    7:45 pm - 8:45 pm

    Paula Moldenhauer - Author and Speaker

    Free to Flourish

    8:45 pm - 9:00 pm

    Ending Worship

  • Saturday Conference Agenda

    Saturday, September 28 ,2018 | 9:00 am to 6:00 pm | Registration Required

    Doors open 8:30 am - Keep open the agenda is subject to the Holy Spirit as well as slight changes until event day. [2020 dates coming soon]

    9:00 - 10:00 am

    Opening Worship by BridgeWay Music led by Pastor Simon Obert

    Connection Fun

    10:00 - 10:50 am

    Barbra Russell, LPC

    His Brain, Her Brain

    11:00 - 11:50 am

    Session 1: Workshop Options

    Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength - Jendayi Harris

    How to Move from Unhappily to Happily Employed - Jay Velinder

    Redeeming Food - Laura Woodard

    Wise Women Aging with Vitality - Connie Pshigoda

    How to Get out of Debt, Pay off your Mortgage and Win with Money Once and for All - Kristin Tucker

    Removing blocks to the Father's Love - Suzanne Simpson

    12:00 - 1:00 pm


    Socialize & Enjoy a Delicious Mexican Meal

    1:10 -2:00 pm

    Session 2: Workshop Options

    The Chubby Church: A Call to Win the Weight and Eating Battle for Good - Jendayi Harris

    How to Move from Unhappily to Happily Employed - Jay Velinder

    How to Get out of Debt, Pay off your Mortgage and Win with Money Once and for All - Kristin Tucker

    Removing Blocks to the Father's Love - Suzanne Simpson

    How to Get a Life & Find a Date - Sarah Hepting

    Savvy Single Motherhood - Lori Velinder

    2:10 - 3:00 pm

    Session 3: Workshop Options

    Care for the Caregiver - Nadine Roberts-Cornish

    Redeeming Food - Laura Woodard

    Fit for Kingdom Business - Megan Prentice

    How to Get a Life & Find a Date - Sarah Hepting

    Wise Women Aging with Vitality - Connie Pshigoda

    Flourishing in your Marriage - Paula Moldenhauer

    3:10 - 3:20 pm

    Fun with Revive Fit - The Power of Breath of Life

    3:20 - 4:30 pm

    Jendayi Harris, LPC

    The Mother Daughter Relationship - Discussion

    4:30 - 5:20 pm

    Sparkle Robinson, Prophetess

    The Heart of a Mother

    5:20 - 6:00 pm

    Prayer & Appreciation

    Worship by BridgeWay Music led by Pastor Simon Obert