• The Team

    The team includes passionate volunteers that aren't listed on this page, but that we're super grateful for!

    Jendayi Harris, LPC

    Soul Freedom Author and Teacher, Founder Whole and Free Ministries, Whole & Free Women

    Jendayi Harris speaks at Fortune 500 firms across the nation seeking to enrich leaders to align teams and time effectively - by clarifying objectives, projects, email, calendar and task systems - in a proven method to win back 14 hours per week per year, keep a zero inbox, create high performance work teams, and increase profitability by 23%. [www.mcgheepro.com/casestudies]

    Client results matter to Jendayi. She employs her background of hundreds of books, Emotional Intelligence [Talent Smart & TTI], a true personality assessment geek [MBIT, DiSc], Counseling Psychology with thousands of clinical hours [CCU], business [SHU] and nearly twenty years in corporate to impact the lives of others. She believes productivity is an inside out matter. Clutter, email hording, and disorganization have just as many psychological roots as it does practical application.

    Jendayi's participants included Fortune 500 Public Firms, Top Private Firms and Small Business Clients for Group In Person Training, Keynotes, and One on One Coaching: NASA, PepsiCo, Medline, Cisco, Ball, GAO, USDA, WBEC, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Financial, Delta Airlines, Lockheed, Brocade, I.H.S Global, Marriott, Menasha, Samsung, top consulting firms, Royal Cup; In additional to Archdiocese ST Louis, Catholic Charities, Harvest Strategy Group, Jupiter Networks, CPA clients.

    In her personal time she ministers on issues of soul and family restoration by empowering the individual self. She believes the best thing we can do for our families is to take 100% responsibility for our mind, will, emotions, habits and spirit. This includes our responsibility to consistently increase effectiveness and efficiency. How we do things affects everyone else around us. Jendayi has an affinity for coaching leaders to optimize their time, personality, priorities and resources to powerfully impact their mission.
    She believes it's important to embrace your humanness and not seek perfection in productivity, but progress. In her opinion, to love God, our self, and others, is the most productive response to our daily insanity.

    Jendayi has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Seton Hall University as a part of the distinguished Martin Luther King Scholars. She received her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Jendayi is certified as a DiSc instructor in addition to Certified in Talent Smart’s Emotional Intelligence program. In her leisure time she enjoys writing, running, speaking for community events and serving on various non-profit Boards.


    View her website at www.jendayiharris.com

    Sarah Hepting

    Lover of God, Singles and Marketplace Ministry - Mathematics Tutoring Business Owner - Emcee and Speaking on How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

    Sarah got the vision and prompting of the Holy Spirit to host the single ladies' conference - Living Loved.


    Sarah was touched in her own journey in love, from Dr Henry Cloud who wrote the book "How to Find a Date Worth Keeping." She was flabbergasted by how much she needed to get a life as a Single Women of Faith and looks forward to sharing with you how to get through the lulls of singleness and get excited about your future.

    She and her husband Jim enjoy ministering to Singles inside and outside the walls of the church.