Virtual Fellowships

  • Doors open 5:30 pm

    Dates for 2020 to Be Determined.


    BridgeWay Church

    5201 E Warren Ave

    Denver, CO 80222

    Dear Woman of Faith,

    This fellowship was in my spirit over fifteen years ago. I had a lot of growing, healing, and maturing to do between then and now. Wow. The time is now for women across the body of Christ to UNITE for His Kingdom purposes. The Spirit wants to work through women like never before.

    Our mission is to equip your mission - be it at home, in ministry, in the workplace, in finances, in health or in business!


    Are you:

    - Curious about how to step out of hiding and into your Whole & Free Self?

    - Struggling to figure out answers to some of your life problems?

    - Wanting to bust through fear to start or move your ministry forward?

    - Needing a break through in your household or with close family members?

    - Desiring to understand more on your direction, purpose, or the situation you're facing right now?

    - Wanting practical soul-utions - for a whole and free life in Christ?

    - Wanting some YOU time for new friends and fellowship?


    With powerful keynoters, personal prayer ministry, time for socializing, and 12 inspirational workshops in areas of life you're interested in, this time together is sure to please! We are holding for each woman to get exactly what she needs, no matter what staged in the wholeness journey she is in!


    This is for women of all ages on the journey to being Whole & Free in our Lord Jesus Christ. Come for support and training in the roles and responsibilities of life and connect in an authentic environment. All churches are encouraged and welcome to participate.

    We have a lot on our plates, don't we? Expect tools and encouragement to manage it well.


    Women are powerful, - yet we carry so much - worry - doubt -fear and stress. As we come together, we’re validated in our true identity in Christ. We're affirmed we're beautiful, influential, compassionate daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD.

    Woman are the last thing created on the masterpiece of God's created Earth. (Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge). Yes, we’re the final touch on the masterpiece! Yes, this is about you! You're fearfully and wonderfully made!


    Jesus elevated the status women. He allowed women to follow His ministry, He cared and healed many women, and when times were oppressed against women preaching or teaching, He ordained it so that women would be the first to know that HE HAS RISEN and to notify others. Yes, women first preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    To be clear - Whole and Free Women are all about encouraging, honoring, and respecting MEN too.

    Let's get together and work to become a greater expression of God's love, joy and wisdom. Let's be encouraged in our femininity and the strength it carries. Remember that God made "them" in His image. A man and woman represent the whole nature of God as a force for Good. We want to value what God is doing through women in these perilous times.

    Do you want to reach more of your potential - to be more Whole and Free in Christ?

    Join us. It's my heart to provide you with a fun, informative and empowering weekend in God's presence and wisdom.

    He spoke to me to "Unify my women for Greater Good." And in this act of obedience, I'm scared and excited! But He's with us!

    You are loved. You are important. You matter. See you soon.

    Much love,

    Jendayi Harris, Your Host

    The Whole and Free Women Team

  • Our Hosts & Keynote Speakers

    Expect a life changing encouragement!

    Host/Speaker: Jendayi Harris, LPC

    Soul Freedom Minister & Emotional Fitness Trainer, Author of Upcoming Book The Chubby Church

    Jendayi Harris, also known as J, is a speaker and minister for Whole, Free, and Effective Christians. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Fortune 500 Productivity Consultant and upcoming author of several books including: The Chubby Church: A Call to Win the Weight and Eating Battle For Good, The Emotional Fitness Workout, Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength, Testimony to the Fatherless, and How to Not Suck as a Mom: An 8 Step Action Guide to Win Back the Heart of Your Adult Child and Find Your Joy.


    Her goal is to equip believers with psychological wisdom, especially when it comes to soul healing, personal growth and discerning your next right move. She looks forward to sharing with you in a connected conversation of her experiences and wisdom for the journey. You can learn more about Jendayi and read her blogs at www.nextleveltherapyllc.com.


    Jendayi will speaks on:

    Emotional Fitness for Spiritual Strength

    The Chubby Church: A Call to End the Weight and Eating Battle for Good

    The Mother and Daughter Relationship - Discussion

    Co-Host: Sarah Hepting

    Lover of God, Singles and Marketplace Ministry - Mathematics Tutoring Business Owner

    Sarah is a visionary and loves to nuture single woman whenever she can. She used to have a "bad picker" with men, and wants to help as many women to get their "picker right". In her own single journey, the Holy Spirit spoke to her to, "Get a Life!". Shocked, she started developing a life instead of wishing and hoping for a husband to fill her loneliness.


    Sarah studies Dr Henry Cloud's book "How to Find a Date Worth Keeping." She is now married to her dear husband Jim Hepting, who also carries our ministry in his heart and is a spiritual father to many.


    Sarah was flabbergasted by how much she needed to get a life as a Single Women of Faith and looks forward to sharing with you how to get through the lulls of singleness and get excited about your future in her workshop.


    She is also a savvy business owner of Math Nuts, she helps kids of all ages get better results on their math scores.


    Sarah will function as both an Emcee and a Co-host at the event. She and her husband enjoy ministering to Singles inside and outside the walls of the church.


    Sarah speaks on:

    How to Get a Life & Find a Date - Singles

  • What's on your heart?
    We'll have personal ministry for you:

    Dream Interpretation

    Prophetic Ministry or

    Prayer Breakout Rooms


    An email will be sent to attendees closer to event for selections.

  • Come Alone or With Friends

    Registration includes Wonderful Fellowship & Personal Ministry!